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Massage Continuing Education with Christy Miller

Board Approved!


Meet Christy

Board Certified Massage Therapy Expert

Christy Miller started her professional massage career in 1996 and has operated continuously for 25 years. In 2005, she advanced into teaching at The Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy.


She became a CE provider in 2015, board certified in 2016, and has logged over 300 hours of continued education. She is currently attending McNeese State university pursuing a MS in Psychology. Her most cherished accolade is her award for “Best Massage Volunteer” which is still framed and on the wall for all to see.


Classes Offered




Hot Stone


Therapeutic Cupping

Swedish Massage

Therapeutic Taping


“Christy's CE classes pour life into the massage profession. Her enthusiasm is contagious and the support she provides in nurturing therapists is exactly what we need!"  -Carrie Chaumont, LIMT-Director

Been going for 15 years plus .... it is such a must to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mindset!! Best around for massage therapy by far!!

- Darryl Hudson

She has this naturally amazing calming nature that can put anyone at ease, and you can feel the level of caring through her touch.

- Sarah Cappel

I have been a client for 8+ years! Christy is professional, knowledgeable and very attentive to her entire wellness center.

  • Luxurious experience


  • Deep tissue massage

- Leah  Bossano

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