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Active & Passive ROM

This course is 6 hours in person and 6 hours online.

Course Description:
This course has been approved by LABMT. It is a massage continuing education course covering Active and Passive Range of Motion in massage therapy. We will review joint types and practice proper draping throughout the course.

Learning outcomes:
On completion of this course, the student will be able to perform proper stretching techniques
on the neck, shoulder, arm, back, hips knees, and ankles

Student learning outcomes are assessed by completion of a comprehensive, written exam and must receive a passing score of 80% or higher.

On-line sources:
All classroom content is stored on GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Upon payment, the class link will be emailed to you.

Google classroom documents:
After joining the class, you will find the following documents.
● Registration form
● Ethics workbook
● Ethics exam
● Receipt
● CE certificate
● Links to studies

1. Log in to google classroom by using the link provided
2. Fill out your registration form completely.
3. Read the report on ethics
4. Complete the exam


Frequently Asked Questions

Reading Map on Mobile

What is the address?

923 West McNeese street Lake Charles, LA 70601

Do Not Disturb

Are there any overnight accommodations?

Yes, $35 a night per person


What do I need to bring?

Five (5) sets of sheets with face cradle covers and massage cream.

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