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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage involves the use of smooth heated stones placed on specific points on the
body for the purpose of relaxation, stress reduction and improved sleep. In this class students
will: explore the history of hot stone use, explore types of heating equipment, demonstrate
proper sanitization of rocks and equipment, practice a hot stone layout, and perform a hot stone
routine. This course is intended for massage practitioners and students. All experience levels welcome.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand history of hot stone use

  2. Recall research-based benefits

  3. Understand the industry report

  4. Identify types of heating equipment

  5. Perform safe thermotherapy practices

  6. Demonstrate proper sanitization of equipment

  7. Demonstrate a hot stone layout

  8. Demonstrate a hot stone routine

  9. Pass a written exam with a score %70 or higher.


Frequently Asked Questions

Reading Map on Mobile

What is the address?

923 West McNeese street Lake Charles, LA 70601

Do Not Disturb

Are there any overnight accommodations?

Yes, $35 a night per person


What do I need to bring?

Five (5) sets of sheets with face cradle covers and massage cream.

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