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Therapeutic Cupping

This course is 6 hours in person and 6 hours online.

Cupping Therapy is essentially negative pressure vacuum massage. It is an instrument assisted technique performed with a mechanical device that lifts the skin b means of suction, mobilizing a small section of skin for the purpose of pain relief and relaxation.

Learning Objectives

In this class the students will:
1. Review the history of cupping
2. Outline research-based benefits
3. Review the industry report
4. View different types of cups
5. Outline safe practices
6. Examine proper sanitization of cups and equipment
7. Examine a cupping layout/routine
8. Learn about contraindications/adverse effects of cupping
9. Review and prepare for a written exam


Learning Outcomes

Before completion of this course students will/will be able to:
1. Understand history of cupping
2. Recall research-based benefits
3. Understand the industry report
4. Identify types of cups
5. Identify and choose a cupping set 
6. Perform safe cupping practices
7. Demonstrate proper sanitization of cups and equipment
8. Demonstrate a cupping layout/routine
9. List the contraindications/adverse effects of cupping 
10. Understand how to prepare the treatment room 
11. Pass a written exam with a score %70 or higher.


Frequently Asked Questions

Reading Map on Mobile

What is the address?

923 West McNeese street Lake Charles, LA 70601

Do Not Disturb

Are there any overnight accommodations?

Yes, $35 a night per person


What do I need to bring?

Five (5) sets of sheets with face cradle covers and massage cream.

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